We asked for the world and God gave it to us

When we were young and were part of Christ Youth in Action (CYA) catholic charismatic groups for young people in the Philippines, we always prayed that God will make us His vessels of mission and vision for impacting the wider church. Not withstanding the boundaries of our country, God has bestowed in us the call to bring and share His work beyond the Philippines.

I have realized this as my family went to Albany, New York, USA after I got an employment based visa to the USA. We never dreamed of coming to another country. In fact, I’ve never put myself into such pressure to work abroad. But this opportunity came very swiftly that we even did not put money in coming where we are right now.

Before this, I have been questioning the decision of some brothers and sisters in the community wanting to go and live abroad. I have always been a consistent backer of living our prime to serve God and His people in the Philippines. Beloved brothers and sisters just went on to fulfill their decision as they left us continue our work in our group. They went to USA, United Kingdom, Bahrain, Canada, Dubai, parts of the Middle East, and neighboring nations in Southeast Asia, like Singapore, just to name a few.

I was delighted to hear news from them when I hear that they are making such an impact in their respective workplaces and still continue to share the vision of serving God and His people, even they aren’t with us anymore. I still remember the words I shared to one sister when her family was set to migrate to Maine, USA…”Walk by faith and not by sight” (2 Cor. 5:7). These brothers and sisters have shown that they continue to live for God thru their consistent daily personal communion with God and finding ways to serve God in the secular society. They are making a difference and still has the spirit of the vision and mission we had when we were all young.

We asked God for the world and God gave it to us. We did not realize that He will answer our prayers and bring us to places we never thought we would be. He sent us to places where we can give Him glory and make Him glorified. He gives us the grace when He sends us to any place. I believe this is His call to us. He gave the world to us when we asked Him that the young may impact the world for Jesus. We respond to Him by walking in faith and not by sight.


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