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Saving the Savior

“We all die for you.” This is the statement that caught my heart from the TV series “Terminator – the Sarah Connor Chronicles”. In the scene, Derek Reese was talking to his nephew, John Connor, who is to save the human race from the robots in the future.  The people around John must protect him in the present or in the past so that the future heroic and gallant John can lead the humans in defeating the opposition.  They all need to save the Savior.

We are blessed for this is not the same with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hebrews 13:8 says Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is our saving Lord in the past, in the present and in the future. Our Lord Jesus does not need our help in the present or in the past so He may save us in the future.  He is a constant Savior. He is ready to save whoever at anytime. Jesus is always present with us against the enemy, protecting us from evil. Keeping us and delivering us from harm.  In this light, Jesus does all the work of salvation and therefore no work or words of ours can add to that. We can live and die for our Savior but we do not need to save our Savior. He died for all of us.


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Rose and Apple by Praise Cano

First ever poems of my daughter Patricia Praise


The rose is a flower on its own
A glance of it and royalty is shown
It keeps you from admiring it with its thorns
But upon it, refreshing beauty is born


The red delicious fruit
Reveals sweetness in truth
Like leaves its colors red and green
On trees they graciuosly lean

You pick one from a tree
All that red enchants me
They taste so heavenly
Others with worms, let them be


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Juan 11:43 – At nang masabi niya ang gayon, ay sumigaw siya ng malakas na tinig, Lazaro, lumabas ka.

Nakatira sa lugar na dilim
Walang buhay na angkin
Oras ay walang bilang
Araw ay kalamigan

Sadlak sa libingan
Nakapalibot sa kawalan
Takot at ang galit
Kambal na dumadalit

Sa puso ay narinig
Magiting na tinig
Nagkabuhay kalamnan
Dugo ay nag-agusan

Hiningang tumigil
Nagpasimulang pumintig
Mga ugat ay umigting
Mata’y daluhong sumilip

Bumuka ang liwayway
Walang naiwang bakas
Mga sugat at latay
Kurap na hiram aking paglabas

Aking sariwang buhay
Sa Kanya nakasalalay
Di sa’king gawa’t taglay
Dahil sa pag-ibig Niyang alay

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