Rose and Apple by Praise Cano

First ever poems of my daughter Patricia Praise


The rose is a flower on its own
A glance of it and royalty is shown
It keeps you from admiring it with its thorns
But upon it, refreshing beauty is born


The red delicious fruit
Reveals sweetness in truth
Like leaves its colors red and green
On trees they graciuosly lean

You pick one from a tree
All that red enchants me
They taste so heavenly
Others with worms, let them be



Filed under Pamilya, Pilipinas

7 responses to “Rose and Apple by Praise Cano

  1. ninang jane

    wow galing naman Patty! hmmm….. manang-mana yata kay ninang? hehehhee!

  2. amy

    Im proud of your Girl! You’re good! Miss you Na….and of course Blessie too.

  3. bapa ecs

    magaling talaga!!! pero di kay ninang niya nagmana- kay ninong ecs nya hahah! miss you patty…

  4. ebcano

    Salamat po – Patricia Praise B. Cano

  5. tita lala

    pamangkin ke yan! 🙂

  6. ninong elmer

    good job! continue developing your God-given gift. you have great potential.

  7. jaila

    Hello Ate Patty.What very nice poems you have written there. It inspires me so much. Hello bless. I miss you both..
    Love, jaila

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