Growing Cold

“And because of the increase of evildoing, the love of many will grow cold.” – Matthew 24:12

After a day’s work, I found my vehicle all covered with ice. It has been raining ice sleet throughout the day. I have to spend some thirty minutes to take out the ice from the glass windows which I will be using to drive my way home.  It’s really tough to take out the ice from the windows since the ice has been stuck into the windows for several hours and I have been dripping with rain as I brushed out the thickened ice from the windows.

As Christians, we were warned by Jesus of growing cold in our walk with Him. I picture our hearts being covered with ice and our fervor for God and His kingdom turning grim because of our iniquities. Most of the time, we found ourselves engulfed in habitual sins that can totally cover our hearts with coldness and turns off the fire in us.  By our own, our sins are stuck in our beings and cannot be peeled off. By the grace of the death of Jesus on the cross, the thick sins which are turning our hearts cold are taken off.  Jesus gives us the warmth needed to be on fire in our love for God.  It does not mean we will not sin again, but by the power of the cross we are forgiven and every sin which covers our love for Him is taken out. As Christians, our call is not to grow cold but rather to grow old in walking with Him.


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