The Hairgiver

“Even all the hairs of your head are counted.” Matthew 10:30

One of my difficulties in working and living abroad is about my hair. No barber in the area where I live seems to get the type of haircut I really want it to look like. I’ve tried both men and women barbers but still I am not satisfied when I walk out of the shop. Even as I sit before, during and after my haircut, I have this feeling of discomfort. I greatly missed my barber in the Philippines. He knows where to cut and not. He knows the curves of my head and straights of my hair.  He knows the right cut of my hair so it may stand or lay on my head.   And when I sit before my barber, I am at peace and in comfort for I know I will be satisfied when I walk out of his shop.

I am filled with thanksgiving to know that Jesus knows me inside and out. He said that the number of my hairs on our head are counted. He keeps an eye on us because He loves us, and not about guarding us and accounts all our iniquities. He knows our hurts and joys. He knows our worries and strengths. He knows our life’s curves and straights. He knows when we sit , when we stand and when we lay our heads for rest.  This is very comforting, having a God who knows our needs and concerns, a God who looks after us personally. He is a God up close and personal and not a distant one. And when we need pruning, He knows where to cut and nourishes our areas of growth.  When we sit before our personal God in prayer, we are at peace and comforted in our struggles, I know we will always be satisfied for we have a God who will not walk out on us.


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  1. wapen bro! makarelate ku keng haircutting-issue 🙂

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