Uninvited but Welcomed Guests

Read Matthew 2:1-12

They did not receive any invitation from the family. They were not invited but went to see the King. They followed a star that directed them to the Savior of the world. And when they reached the place, they gate crashed the solemnity of the birth of the Son of God. The family that they intruded does not even know any of them. They were not asked to leave but rather were welcomed thus they had time to offer their gifts to the new born King.

Jesus welcomes His people at anytime. You do not need to receive a special invitation from Him to visit Him. We can come anytime to His presence. He will not shun a gatecrasher; He loves to receive guests in His kingdom. We may not be worthy to pay homage to the King, but in His great love for us He makes way for us to enjoy His company. And when we come to Him, offer all your joys and success, give Him your sorrows and failures.

Visit Him during Sunday mass or First Friday mass, daily holy rosary, daily personal prayer, weekly prayer meetings, daily or weekly company holy mass, etc. Friends, do not hesitate to come to His house. We are always welcome to embrace the King. Allow Him to nurture your time with Him during your visitation. After you read this, it might be great to take some time to visit Jesus.


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