“He will sit refining and purifying (silver), and he will purify the sons of Levi, Refining them like gold or like silver that they may offer due sacrifice to the LORD.” Malachi 3:3

Ernest Hemingway wrote stories which are nowadays considered as American literature classics. When we read or hear about Hemingway’s work, we are always in awe how this man can shape words into stories that turned into literature.  There is a story behind each book by this great author.  The story behind each book is that each book was carefully edited before they were published.  Story said that there was one of Hemingway’s books that have 100,000 or more words revised or cut out before the final version was presented to the reading public.  When we read Hemingway’s work, we should understand that each word was not done in one sitting but a matter of careful refinement by the author.

Let us thank the Lord God for refining each and one of us each day of our lives as a careful author. Most of the time, discouragement and disappointment can reside in us due to challenges and difficulties as we move closer to Him.  And when we go forward in our relationship with Him, we observe our unworthiness before His presence.  It is good that we have to realize that we still need Him to refine us. Let us not get impatient in our walk with God for He is not finish with us yet. It is good that we have to understand that we still have dirt in our hearts that needs His purification. Let us not have the feeling that we are great hypocrites for He came for the sick and unrighteous.  Our Christian life can not be done instantly; that is why daily, our Master refines and purifies us for the day will come we are to be presented like gold or like silver as due sacrifice to the Lord.


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