Personal God

“See, upon the palms of my hands I have written your name; your walls are ever before me.” Isaiah 49:16

Today, I received the Philippine Star printed newspaper issued on December 30, 2008. I asked my brother to send it to me for my name is printed in the column “Sporting Chance” of the Dean of Philippine Sports, Quinito Henson. Please see this link.  It was something BIG for me that a well known personality in the country wrote down my name in his precious space.  I even commented in his column that day was a personal milestone on my part.

Long ago, God stated the fact that His remembrance of us is too much significant on His part that He wrote our names on His palms. He did not write it on the water. He did not write it on an office or a school pad paper. He did not write it on a bark of a tree.  He wrote our names on a body part, His palms.  This is not only big, this is HUGE!

This is the God who will never forget us. He will never miss our micros and macros. He carefully observes the immaterial worries and important concerns in our lives. And when He says that our walls are ever before Him He is saying this – your world is His world, my world is His world.  Your name and my name are etched on the palms of the Lord who is the God of the universe and beyond.  Having our names on His hands is more than a milestone but a sign that this God is a personal God.


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One response to “Personal God

  1. wapen bro! bigtimes naka! hehe

    diba bro, atin ya pa aliwa version itang verse ayta.. instead na “have written your names”, “have carved your names”. which heightens more itang idea na, ali nakatamu kalingwan God, and makes us even more special… because our names are carved, not only written.

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