Life Goes On

“I planted, Apollos watered, but God caused the growth.” 1 Corinthians 3:6

It’s been a year since we transferred from the Philippines to the USA. I always wonder what would be life without me. How will my siblings be without me? When they would need help, may it be counsel or resource I want to give it to them. How will be my catholic community be without me? With the grace of the great God, I have served my brothers and sisters up to the edge of my skills and gifts.  In my workplace, what will it be without me? I have made friendships and got along well professionally and socially. I have this hunch what is life without me? Life goes on.

Paul emphasized to the Corinthians that life goes on after his service to them. That life also goes on after Apollo’s time of ministry. God is the reason of growth. God allows everything to continue in His love and might. Life goes on not because of who we are but who God is. Life goes on because of what God can and will do, and does not depend on what we have done or doing.  God will raise up another apostle to take my or your place that His work will be seamless.  The place we have vacated will be occupied by another heart blessed by God. God alone with His empowerment will make you and me as obsolete, not taking our contributions from us but to show that life goes on only in Him and with Him.

What is life without you and me? God alone causes growth. Life surely goes on.


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