“He………..overturned their tables.” John 2:15

Imagine a table properly arranged for display of things for sale or carefully arranged for a sumptuous dinner. Then someone overturns the said table.

We have a life arranged very well. My parents stay at home, our oldest brother takes care of our small business, three siblings are working full time secularly and if I am not mistaken our youngest sibling is about to finish her college that time. We were financially secure and five out of seven of the Cano kids are actively serving the Lord in various ways. When we were growing up, Tatang, my father, takes care of our small business and had to come home around 6 pm when we are all busy with our school work or household chores. We had no time to share time with him unless we were watching the same TV program. We never had the chance to tell him how much we love him or how much we appreciated his love for us. We never even had the chance to kiss him or hug him.

And then our tables were overturned. I still remember vividly when Tatang was having a heart attack. He suddenly lost his speech and mobility. We rushed him to the nearest hospital and doctors have to operate his brain to take out the clots of blood. That year, we spent Christmas in the hospital with Tatang in the ICU. And after that, for almost eleven months Tatang was bedridden before he passed away. I personally sought the Lord in what He is trying to convey to me or to us as a family. And for those months Tatang was bedridden, we were able to love him and serve him. We took turns in taking care of him. We expressed our love for him in words and actions. We were able to touch him, hug him and be romantic with him. In return, Tatang also expressed his affection to us even he had hard time talking. When Tatang died, we believed it was the right time, for God allowed us to have time to express our love and service to our father.

When God overturns tables, He has better arrangement in mind. Hardships, difficulties, trials, financial lack, health problems, relationship concerns are some of His ways of overturning tables. Jesus has the power to make all things work for good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28). And when He overturns your tables, put your faith in Him and watch His wisdom on the better arrangement He is working on in us.

Friends, we are blessed for He overturns tables so we can turn over our lives to Him.


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