Going Straight

“Turn neither to right nor to left, keep your foot far from evil.” Proverbs 4:27

Is this a bad or good advertisement? There is a popular beauty salon in the Philippines named “Going Straight”. Just in case you ask, I am not plugging this company. I will just illustrate a point. It’s only incidental that my wife is the favorite cousin of the owner. Based from the company name, what comes into one’s mind? Of course, straight hair!  You go to the salon’s website, please click here – Going Straight.  What kind of hairstyle greets you? Long curly hair.

Most of the time, we find ourselves promising the Lord that we are going straight in following Him. We tell the Lord that in our day to day life, we will walk straight in loving Him. And we commit to evangelize people, to advertise Him to people. But from time to time, we turn to the left or to the right. We walk not in a straight direction but in a curly course.  Is this a good or bad evangelization? Surely, this is bad.

The Proverbs writer exhorts us to go straight. Keep our feet from stepping onto the direction of what is evil.  The road to Jesus maybe narrow and the path to sin is a large highway, that turns to the left or to the right, however life is in that narrow road towards Jesus. Fix your eyes to Jesus. Do not turn to the left; do not turn to the right.  Go straight. Be a good advertisement.


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