Opposing the Opposition

“But he passed through the midst of them and went away. ” Luke 4:30

What a God we have! Jesus passes through the midst of the opposition and simply went away. The opposition rose up ready to drive him out of town.  Pushing him to the top of the hill and planning to hurl Jesus down headlong. Jesus did not retreat. He did not surrender. He did not run away. He did not buckle down in the face of the opposition. He met them face to face. He met them force to force. He opposed the opposition’s direction – through the midst of them and went away. The opposition is not in control, Jesus is.

What is your opposition nowadays? Maybe a financial problem or a relationship difficulty? Discouraging issues at home or at work? Disappointment with your prayer group? Personal or health concerns bothering your daily life? Does your opposition bringing you out of your heart and mind? Has your opposition brought you to the cliff of your life ready to drop you down? Do not retreat nor surrender. Do not run away. Do not buckle down.  You do not need to face your opposition alone. With Jesus, you can and you will oppose your opposition. Allow Jesus to lead you through the midst of your opposition. Hold on to your God. He will give you the grace to meet your opposition face to face. He will give you the force to meet your opposition force to force. Stay with Jesus and see for yourself! Voila! You are past your opposition. For Jesus is in control and not your opposition.


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