He went out

Jesus, knowing everything that was going to happen to him, went out…… John 18:4

Jesus went out. It all started with that. Jesus knew every detail of what will happen. After all, this was what He came for.

He knew every pain He would experience. He knew men will choose man over God before Pilate. He knew the piercing words He would hear. He knew the very weight of the cross He would carry. He knew the isolation as His disciples will flee. He knew the hurt a friend will inflict for denying Him. He knew the exact size of the holes His hands will bear as the nails will be driven to glue them into the wood.  We can go on and on, because we know He knew. Yet, out of His love for us He went out.

We thank and praise Jesus for going out. That even He knew what is to come, He still went out. We extol our Lord and Savior for taking our place. We exalt His name for fitting our shoes. We bring our hearts to Him for His unconditional love.  We honor our Lord Jesus for going out and we pray for His grace and strength be upon us as we take our turn to go out.

Let us go out. Our lives are hinged in stepping out in faith. It is hard to live a God-centered life. Jesus said it is a narrow road.  We know it is not a walk in the park. We will experience pain. People will ignore you. We will hear piercing words directed to us. Daily, a cross is needed to be carried. Family and friends might not understand. Loving Jesus and living for Jesus is all about going out.  Have faith, with us He will go out.


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