Diminished Role

He must increase; I must decrease. John 3:30

There is this book review article from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Power and Energy Magazine for March/April 2009 issue entitled “Diminished Role”. The review is looking into a book entitled Forgotten Roots: Electric Power, Profits, Democracy, and a Profession. The reviewer discusses the existing set-up for regulating  and managing the electric power industry in the United States where electric power engineers are getting lesser policy decision making which is done by lawyers, economists and financial managers yet at the end, electric power engineers take all the load of fixing multiple issues arriving from bad decisions. The book also contains examples where engineers are not even asked of their inputs and when asked, their inputs get distorted as interpreted by the decision makers as the inputs get filtered through levels of non-engineers. The reviewer ends the review by saying – If we choose to ignore his words, it will be at our peril.

When you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the tendency is what John stated; for Jesus to increase as you decrease. Our lives are filled up by Jesus as we strain out our very selves. Our hearts and minds supposedly overflowing with our personal motives should be replaced by God’s desires. We do not shrink God. We do not tell Him what to do or not. In this case, we allow Him direct our decision making. We ask God for inputs what to, where to and when to. We do not distort His will and ways for our lives to bring about our personal route. Somebody must have a diminished role, and that is not God. God must increase as you and I decrease. If we choose to ignore John’s words, it will be at our peril.


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