God’s Buffet

……………my cup overflows. Psalm 23:5

Ever since we came to the US, the places where we always eat are the eat-all-you-can Chinese buffet restaurants.  After attending mass every Sundays, we go there. During birthday celebrations, we go there. After a walk with some friends, we go there. And why not, you pay a minimal charge, lower compared with other fast food joints, yet you have a buffet of variety of food available for you to take.  Chicken, pork and beef – name it they have meat.  If you want seafood, they have shrimp, fish fillet and squid among others. They also won’t run out of veggies and fruits. Desert like cakes and ice cream flood the tables. And you can’t you miss the traditional Chinese cuisine. It’s all for you to eat. Even if I want to eat the most out of it, I can’t. The amount of food I can eat is not equal to the food they can serve or cook. At this buffet, food is limited not by what they can offer but by what I can eat.

God’s grace for his people is similar to this except we did not pay but Jesus paid for our charges. His grace overflows and abounds. His enormous blessings are offered for us on His table. And when we come to Him, we ask for more. We ask for further. We ask that His blessings to go beyond.

Yet we can only manage much. We can only be effective stewards with few or some. Why embrace what you can’t? Our cup can only handle much, otherwise it overflows. God is ever willing to give us His enormous grace and blessings, on the other hand, are we ready to handle more than we can handle? Faithful with less will be faithful with more.

In God’s buffet, the limitation is on how much we can receive and not how much God can give.


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