Iron Shop

Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

I have an iron shop. This is the place where God commissioned men to bring their lives and wisdom to buff up my life into its fullness and purpose.

I thank God for the gift of men who in many ways have influenced my life. These are imperfect men whose words and actions motivated me to rightness.  I give gratitude to Jesus for using these men for bringing me where I am now and where I am going.  I may have missed some and in the future I will continue to search my heart for the real men who shaped my life.

Mr. Rowaldo Del Mundo – You said “Theoretical is practical and practical should be theoretical.” Those words awakened my sleeping electrical engineering career.

Mr. Hilario Lulu – When you were still my instructor I thought; simplicity while being effective in what you do is grandeur. And that continues to instruct me.

Mr. Rolando Bacani – Integrity, selflessness and excellence can be mixed with government service; you practice it more than you preach it.

Mr. Arnaldo Agapito and Mr. Ronaldo Suarez – You vouched for me even if you know that someday we will be competitors as Professional Electrical Engineers. You are truly professional.

Mr. Enrico Viray – The career ladder is two ways; one way going up and the other way going down. You have shown me that there is pride and dignity going in either way.

Mr. Reynaldo Abadilla and Mr. Gregorio Jasareno – I can say you are Batman and Robin. You may be divided on something but you are united in one purpose, to get the job done and get it done well.  Thank you for more than four years of watching you do just that.

Mr. Francis Iturralde – I remember when you appointed me to a service, you wrote something like this – his words are my words and give him respect as you are giving me. Your confidence in me put me to put my confidence in God. Thank you for being a leader, a brother and a friend rolled into one.

Mr. Jake Yap – You words and works shepherded me thru my college days up to now. Your rod and staff I maintain to hold.

Servants of the Word (Philippines) – I may have caught the whole proportion of your passion in loving God and living for God by just being with you. May God bless me with the grace to keep it.

Engineering brothers of Christ’s Youth in Action-Holy Angel University (CYA-HAU) circa 1990s – I was sharpened with your real brotherhood through the years.  This sharpness still cuts through by the grace of God. I am indebted to all of you for all your support and my instinct tells me, there have been passing of batons but we have continue to run this noble race.

Lingkod-Angeles brothers circa 1990s – You served with hearts after God and that’s all what was and what is needed.  You taught me reckless abandon. In my heart lingers, look back to what you have started and look forward to what you can finish.

My brothers Jun, Ely, Lito and Emil – We did not have similarities. We did not have the same interests. All we have shared is a sleeping mat on our living room at night. Five heads on the same level. We are bonded especially when the hour calls for it.  Thank you for the love and protection.

Mr. Eleuterio Cano – My father once told me, “Ing sasaka mung ditak a gabun manibat keng kulkul, ali na mibalik kapilan man.” (The small amount of dirt you take out from the pit will never come back).  Small steps for big dreams.  Small words yet big impact. Thank you for being my father.

I am a work in progress. I need camaraderie of various men. I look forward for the days when God will unwrap those brotherhood in order to maintain and expand my iron shop.


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