Become Epaphroditus

With regard to Epaphroditus, my brother and co-worker and fellow soldier, your messenger and minister in my need, I consider it necessary to send him to you. Welcome him then in the Lord with all joy and hold such people in esteem. Philippians 2:25,29

Jhune, I am honored to have known you since your college years. I have seen you hold on to God all through these years we have come to live the way of life He has provided for us. And it is an opportune time for God to give you more as you have been faithful with less.

Today, as you take the service God has appointed for you, I exhort you – become Epaphroditus.

Be a brother. Go out with the brothers and sisters after the meetings. Share your time with them. Speak with them in their triumphs and failures. Laugh with them and cry with them. Feel their hearts. Think their minds.

Be a co-worker. Take each brother and sister as your equal. Understand their limitations. Affirm their strengths. Work in their work.

Be a fellow soldier. Be there in the front line. Be a comrade rather being a commander. Fight with the brothers and sisters. Struggle with their battles.

Be a messenger and a minister. Be quick to encourage. Be lavish in bringing light. Show the path to righteousness. Aim always for God.

Lingkod-Angeles, welcome Jhune, who is your brother, co-worker, fellow soldier, a messenger and a minister. Welcome him with all joy and hold him with such esteem.

Let us thank and praise God who raises up men and women for His kingdom!

PS. This blog was written for Jhune Marin on his installation as the Branch Leader of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon-Angeles City.


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