Amen, Amen

“Amen, amen, I say to you……….” John 13:16

In our Christian life, there is a time and place where you seems to be having difficulty in praying and relating to God. They call it spiritual dryness. This state seems like a dry weary land. Dry maybe because when you read the word of God nothing jumps into your heart for reflection. Weary maybe because you aren’t tired but you tend to lose your zeal for God.

I am now in that state.  I am praying. I am reading the word of God. Yet my heart and mind reply nothing.

This is a time and place where my love for God is challenged. Will I continue to pray even if I feel don’t like it? Will I continue to follow God even if it seems He is not leading the way? Will I continue to love Him even if my heart does not beat for it?

This is the best time and place to show my love for God. An opportunity to be constant and be committed to the way of life towards Jesus. A given chance to be passionate and be stubborn in standing up for God.

I need to take not only one step towards God but more than one. I need to go an extra mile. I need to take a double dose of grace from God. To focus on God being God and not on what I feel or think. I need to believe and more than believe; to have faith. One “Amen” maybe enough but in this state “Amen, Amen” will be more than enough.



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2 responses to “Amen, Amen

  1. Hi Brother Edwin,

    Please see:

    Help Us spread His Living Word…

    And Thanks SO Much… <

  2. ebcano

    Thanks for dropping by brother!

    I will post your link to my facebook page.

    God bless!

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