“……………………..Get up, let us go.” John 14:31

Jesus is candid in his invite.  He is upbeat. He is raring. He is ready.  His bid is for us to rise up and move forward.

Maybe Jesus has a reason.

He sees the opportunities, we see the opposition. He sees the promise, we see the problems. He sees the blessings, we see the burdens.

Get up.  Don’t take things sitting down. Stretch your legs. Show what you can reach through God. Show what heights can be attained in following Jesus.

Let us go.  Step with God. Walk with Jesus. Advance His kingdom.  Follow His leading onwards. You are not alone in the journey. He goes where we go.

GULUG (Get Up, Let Us Go).

Start small. Kind words to your most unlovable office mate. Give time to your lonely neighbor. Help an old lady lift her bags. Email a struggling friend. Visit a forlorn relative.

Begin big. Talk to your parish priest about starting a youth group. Set aside money for the poor. Preach in a congregation. Organize a social action. Mentor an orphan.

Continue your call.  Be faithful to daily prayer. Be mindful of God’s word.  Take the habit of fellowship. Evangelize in words and action.  Focus on Jesus.

GULUG. Jesus and us – upward and forward.


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