God of Details

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalm 139:13

I saw those two numbers. Two numbers that matter in the work I was doing.  At first, I was about to panic for in this work I am doing, millions of numbers are involved. I was troubleshooting the results and saw there was something wrong. I went through the data input if I have some typo errors but not.  Turned to the files where I got the data  and that led me to those two numbers which made the results flawed. If I have not corrected those two numbers this work will be in vain and will not be complete and perfect.

Is our God like that? Yes. God delights to go through the details of our lives. He cares for our significant decisions and minute routines. He would go great lengths to bring us to the right direction in our big and small upkeeps.  God maybe in charge of the universe and putting the stock market in balance but He is also mindful that there are rather tiny matters in our imperfect lives that must be corrected. How about these:

  • Tiny negative thoughts about a co-worker
  • Small negative feeling towards a blogger
  • Taking some minutes from your work hours to visit Facebook
  • Peeking at those semi nude actresses on TV or websites
  • Portraying dismal facial expressions towards your child
  • Small events of gossip with your community leader

Our God works in mystical gigantic ways. But those immense miracles are founded in details. The Psalmist wrote about God knitting us in our mother’s womb. Needle coming in. Needle coming out. Thread by thread. Breath by breath. It is all about detailing His creation.

Our God is a God of Details. Your life is a detail. You are a detail. God is concerned about your small words, thoughts and actions that you may be complete and perfect.



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2 responses to “God of Details

  1. ginger

    Im glad God has put a lot of details in my life.. so much to tell!!

    p.s. makarelate ku ketang facebook.. hehehe.. 😀

  2. ebcano

    Hi Ging,….thanks for your comment. Glad we have Him who look into our words and not our paragraphs…who look into our seconds and not months or years…

    Hoping God continue to bless you and Garu..KKBBH!

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