I am blessEd

Blessed….. Matthew 5:3-10

I am blessEd.

My daughters keep on losing their baseball caps and jackets in school. I am blessEd, my daughters do not get lost.

I come home and my daughters’ room is a mess. I am blessEd, my family life is not in a mess.

My wife is almost sick, with headaches or body aches, each day. I am blessEd, I have the opportunity to comfort her daily.

I speak via long distance communication with my siblings back in the Philippines. I am blessEd, I have a growing relationship with my brothers and sisters.

I have to wash the dishes and cook wares after each meal. I am blessEd, it means I have partaken of God’s providence.

We are paying monthly bills and property debts here and back in the Philippines. I am blessEd, God has given us assets and capability to meet our obligations.

We seldom have to have savings each month. I am blessEd, God provides our daily bread.

We had a company meeting and it was announced that we will not have our usual mid-year bonus. I am blessEd, I have a job.

Look beyond the things you do not have. Look over the opportunities you have missed.

You have a lot in your hands. Want what you have. Embrace His grace. Bless God for you are blessed by God. You can say it too.

I am blessEd.


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