Two Miles

Should anyone press you into service for one mile, go with him for two miles. Matthew 5:41

In the past week, I had the opportunity to provide time for the Filipino Basketball League in our area. During the meeting of the team representatives, I observed I needed to step-up. I volunteered to take care of the basketball games schedule, synchronize teams to serve as committees for each game, coordinate the opening program ceremonies, calling the referees and communicating with them our own rules of the game, and coordinating everything for my team.

I had to drop a meeting scheduled weeks ago which my wife and I have with other Filipino couples to do all the stuff I stated above. I sent out a notice of cancellation through email to postpone the meeting with the reason of organizing the basketball league.  It was a very late notice as it was two days before the meeting.

During the basketball opening weekend, the following happened:

  • Teams did not come early for the opening ceremonies, the emcee for the opening ceremonies did not show up, opening ceremonies was canceled
  • The games schedules were to be adjusted according the referees’ schedule
  • The rules I talked about with the referee over the phone were revised
  • Players came for their games but had no time to serve for the other games
  • We almost defaulted our games since my teammates came in trickle for our games

Frustration and discouragement enveloped me during the weekend.

I was pressed to go one mile but I was required to do two miles.

When we went home, our emails have a message that a couple came for the postponed meeting.  I had to accept the responsibility since my postponement came in late and I believe in this culture, time is very precious and people have other things to attend to like family time and work. I sent an email apologizing for the mixed-up.

Frustration and discouragement might have enveloped them during the weekend.

Someone went one mile with me, but I required them to go for two miles.

I’ve realized one mile is not enough.  There’s a need to go beyond that. Someone have to give it to me. I have to give it to someone or everyone.

Grace from God is available all throughout the whole marathon.

When asked to go for one mile, go for two miles.


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