Seeing Blessing

All the communities of the earth shall find blessing in you. Genesis 12:3

Thank God! You are here!

Have you heard those words many times or seldom? Are people blessed when they see you? Are they uplifted when you are in company with them? With just a thought of you, are they encouraged enough? Do they experience hope instead of hurt in your presence?

The thought of being a blessing to all places where you are at  is a daunting challenged.  We are to be a blessing not only to those who love or respect you. People who wronged you, will find blessing in you. People who blame you, will find blessing in you. People who exclude you, will find blessing in you. People who are unlovable, will find blessing in you. Or you feel you are not blessed enough to be a blessing.

All communities will find blessing in you. In Angeles City, Philippines. In Albany, NY. In Christ’ Youth in Action. In Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon. In Bale Ning Guinu. In Family of Faith in New Jersey. In Bukas Loob sa Diyos in Albany, NY. In St. Helen’s Parish in Niskayuna, NY. In Holy Family Parish in Albany, NY. In National Transmission Corporation. In Holy Angel University. In Pterra Consulting.

When we are a blessing to others, people see the magnified God. Even they are poor, they will be satisfied. When they are feeling inadequate, they will be empowered. When you come, light will overcome as they are enveloped in darkness.  When they are in despair, they will see God’s plan.  They will find comfort with your support. They will find a home, those who are abandoned. Be a blessing by simply being there.

With your actions, they see God’s hand. With your words, they hear God’s message. They shall find blessing in you from God.


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