When Jesus came down from the mountain, great crowds followed him. Matthew 8:1

When Ed Panlilio, a priest, declared to run for governor in our province Pampanga, he was pushing a wooden cart loaded with a boy with a handful of followers at his back. His campaign was based on moral governance and volunteerism. People buy posters and shirts to campaign for him. People were buying their own meals and gas fuels during motorcades. At the end of the campaign period, thousands and thousands of people flocked the miting de avance.  A confidential staff told us that the campaign snowballed. Meaning it started small but as it rolled down it got big and large.

The science of a snowball is that as it comes down, it gets bigger and larger. It accumulates volume as it rolls down and down. The verse above shows that science. Jesus came down from a mountain and multitudes followed him.

In this world we live in, who wants to follow a person who is coming down. Who wants to tail a person who is not going up? This society preaches follow those who are at the top. Never get into the footsteps of those who are coming down.  We always would like to be associated with those who are going up and not with those on the way down. We make friends to those who are climbing up and refuse the call of friendship of those who are sliding down.

Jesus knows otherwise.

Jesus shows otherwise.

In our walk with God, He calls us to humility. To come down. To be under God rather than above God. To be last rather than to be first. To give rather than to receive. To serve rather than to be serve.  To lose life in order to gain it.  To look out for others and not for self.

You can not lift those who are down when you are at the top.

Come down. And by God’s grace, be like a snowball.


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