Not Dead

“…… not dead but asleep.” Mark 5:39

To be an electrical engineer. I wrote that in every slum note in elementary school.

To be an electrical engineering consultant. I said that to myself when I attended this technical seminar on how it can be done.

I never thought this was the route.

I was a Christ’s Youth in Action (CYA) volunteer staffer who developed and gave teachings and retreats to college students. I was an electrical engineering instructor who can give technical trainings, who can write and publish technical reports and articles.  I was an engineer at National Transmission Corporation (Transco) doing various power system studies.  Along the way, I acquired an advanced degree and a professional license. All these development and experience in me secured ingredients for me to become an electrical engineering consultant. The route have taken about fourteen years. You read it right. It took sometime.

But with God blessing my efforts and as I offer to Him my efforts, God fulfilled my dreams. In summertime of 2007, I emailed an application to a consulting company in New York, USA. Realize the probability of my application to be accepted, very very small. Yet they offered me the job. Realize the probability that a Filipino will get a US visa in four to six months, very very very small. In November of 2007, I was working for them.

I thought my dream was dead.  I thought my ambition won’t be a reality. However, my dream was just asleep. I have to pray for it. I have to work on it. It will wake up sometime and be a reality.

God has to bless each step. God has to prepare each step ahead. God fulfills our dreams.

Death is not in the vocabulary of God.



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