Amazing God

He was amazed at their lack of faith. Mark 6:6

“You will come back to your old life.”

Seventeen years ago, this was the statement of my neighbor as I tried to share with them my new found relationship with God.  He was telling about their experiences of coming to knowing God and yet did not last to live for Him. They were a bunch of thirty something men who underwent a weekend seminar and turned their lives over to God in a very tearful fashion.  They were actively serving God in a few weeks after that. Going to the prayer meetings and attending street prayers were part of their routine, he said. But after a while, they came back to their old ways as days went by.

And as I shared with them what I am going through, they had more questions rather than affirmations.

What is the difference of your conversion with mine?
How will God sustain your commitment?
What will God do to you that He did not do to us?
How will your prayers and activities give you the strength to carry on?

This is the same condition which Jesus faced before His neighborhood.  Questions rather than affirmations.  Just because they have seen the past, they were questioning the present.  Just because they have known Him as someone in the past, they were unsure of Him as somebody in the present.

Recognize that faith is affirming God rather than questioning God. Realize that faith is depending in God rather than depending on your own. Comprehend that faith is holding on to God’s promise rather than holding on to man’s experience.

Amaze God with your faith.  Lack of faith or lots of faith. Pick your faith.



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