Jesus Inside

After the crowd had been put outside, he went in……………. Matthew 9:25

Picture this. A good amount of people, the crowd, were inside.  After which, the crowd had been put outside.  Then Jesus went in.

This scene gives me some questions;

What is inside my heart which occupies a good large space?
What is inside my life which gets most of my time?
What is inside my mind which secures a great part of my memory?
What is inside my soul which controls the way I breathe, speak, and live?

Jesus must come in.  Jesus must enter in. Jesus must take His place.

I must put out anything that hinders Jesus to come in.
I must let go of anything that blocks Jesus from taking His rightful throne in me.
I must sweep out anything that prevents Jesus in blessing my life.
I must drive out away anything that limits Jesus from working in me.

Anything – ambition, selfish motives, pride, earthly desires, habitual unholy actions, worries, disappointments, etc.

Crowd is inside. Jesus is outside. Not my option.

Crowd is outside. Jesus is inside.  My vocation.



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