Share God’s Work

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.” Matthew 9:37-38

We see that the harvest is abundant and we need every help we can get. And we pray that the master may send these needed workers. The master of the harvest always sends laborers for His work.  But sometimes we fail to recognize to share God’s work to the laborers He sends.

Imagine a prayer group which has this structure:

  • A service team is comprised of the service team heads only
  • The service team heads are also part of the music ministry
  • The service team heads take turns in leading the prayer meetings
  • The service team heads take turns in giving teachings/sharings
  • The service team heads take care other services like projecting the songs to the wall, other seminars, etc.

I was thinking, there maybe a bunch of other members or meeting attendees who can help out in the number of  ministries.  This prayer group tends to show that the gifts of serving God is exclusive among the few. Or they fail to realized that the master of the vineyard has sent out laborers to partake in the harvest.

God’s work is a large crop field.  To efficiently and effectively bring in the harvest, we need to acknowledge the laborers whom the Owner of the field sent out to share in our work.  We acknowledge that we, too, are appointed laborers in His vineyard. We depend on the same available Master’s grace, which is working in us, to work upon these new laborers as they share in the services. We are not indispensable, God is. The Master calls His servants to put their act together for the harvest. We are called to empower. We are called to delegate. We are called to decentralize. We are called to cooperate. We are called to coordinate. We are called to share.

We share His love. We share His grace.  And may we also share His work.



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