180 Degrees

But now do not be distressed, and do not reproach yourselves for having sold me here. It was really for the sake of saving lives that God sent me here ahead of you. Genesis 45:5

I was not selected. I applied for a promotion in my former company. I have my credentials. I am a licensed professional electrical engineer. I have PhD academic units from the most respected electric power engineering program in the Philippines. I have my relational approach in work matters.  I am in good standing with my co-workers.  I have an almost excellent job performance evaluation.  I was a ready technical reference for my supervisors and managers.  Given all these, I was not selected and promoted. I was devastated and disappointed.

But God works things out 180 degrees.  In April 2007, I emailed an application to a respectable consulting company based in the USA. In November of 2007, I was working for the said consulting company. I was contemplating, if I was promoted in my former company, I would not have applied for where I am working now due to the professional satisfaction.

Joseph’s life is another testimony on how God can work things out 180 degrees. He was sold by his brothers. And at the right time, Joseph understood that God sent him to Egypt for the sake of saving lives.  A betrayal turned into blessing.  A tragedy turned into a triumph. God will work things out for the good of His people. God specializes in turning things around, from bad into good.  His plans stands forever, wise designs through all generations (Psalm 33:11).

He will turn devastation to celebration. He will turn disappointments to appointments. He will turn distress to best.

Watch God work in our lives. 180 degrees.




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4 responses to “180 Degrees

  1. ian

    Nice sharing bro.. thanks for the encouragement.. =)

    • Wapen koy, After the rain God never ceases to show you a beautiful rainbow=) So happy for you & your family for God has blessed you all so much indeed=) Yaku naman keng aliwang aspeto ning biye ku maka-relate keng sharing mu=) After so many heartaches, I have become a lost shepherd in searching for the person with whom I will spend my whole life with…ma-drama mang pakiramdaman though I was one of those who got burnt from loving too much then was left for reasons God only knows. I cried and moaned and decided to live a single life even if it meant for eternity na…oneng atin ya palang planu y God kaku=) Now I don’t know how I can thank Him for blessing me Pat and of course our little one, Lian=) God is so good indeed!=) Thank you for sharing your inspirational story, I’m sure atin maglearn=)

  2. ginger

    we’re counting on it too bro..
    thank you for sharing,,

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