Heaven at Hand

As you go, make this proclamation: ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Matthew 10:7

Can we proclaim heaven is at hand?

To the relatives of innocent victims of the series of bombings in the past days in the southern Philippines, my beloved country.
To former colleagues at Transco who were laid off at this time of recession because of restructuring of the new owners.
To a couple who lost their supposedly first born child, days before their baby will be delivered to the world.
To a friend whose health has deteriorated despite prayers and costly medical treatment.
To a relative who struggles in family life ever since she was a child up to now that she is a mother.
To somebody who was betrayed big time by a long time friend in Christ.
To a family who has not found justice in the inhuman killing of their dear brother.

An absolute and resounding – Yes, we can! We can and we must proclaim that heaven is at hand!

We pray for them. Proclamation starts on bending our knees. Asking God to mightily magnify His presence in their lives. We intercede for them that God may bring comfort during these times of strife. We seek God’s intervention that they may seek His presence and depend in Him alone.

Heaven is the presence of God.  It is all about Him. And in these times of sorrow and difficulties, His presence is near. Heaven is near. His presence is at hand. Heaven is at hand. Even we experience “hell” on earth, we have God in us and with us.  The more you assume God is far away, God is at hand. And in these trying times we realize, we have a temporal stint in our migrant earthly life. Nothing and nobody is permanent but God.

Live for God. Live for heaven. And by this we understand that God alone matters.  It is not about our earthly life. It is not about us and our work. It is not about our family. It is not about healing or death. It is not about overcoming or succumbing to trials.  It is all about God. Everything points to Him.

Clasp your hands together in His presence. Lift up your hands in worship of God. Heaven is at hand!



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