Taking God’s Place

No disciple is above his teacher, no slave above his master. Matthew 10:24

Last night was toxic.

My wife went out to visit a friend when our two daughters, Praise and Bless, started to vomit.  I thought it was an ordinary instance. I told the girls to drink more water. Then they went to the bathroom again to throw up some more. I decided to put on the air conditioner as I was assuming maybe the hot weather was affecting them. But they went again vomiting. I cooked hotdogs for them so they can fill up their stomachs since I was assuming they had not have heavy dinner that’s why this is happening.  But they had to run again to the sinks holding on to their mouths. This is where I decided to get Gatorade from our vehicle to support their body fluids.  Still they complained about their aching stomachs. I was about to call our Family Doctor about this situation.

As I hug Bless, I realized I was taking matters into my own hands.  I was taking God’s place. I made myself believe that I can do it with my own power. That I can make them well and direct these things my way. I was thinking I was above the situation. I am not above the Master. I am not above the Teacher. Thus, at this point I prayed earnestly to God to take His place. That He may heal my daughters’ physical condition.  That He alone has the power to heal. My daughters did not come back to the bathroom sink after that prayer.

“…….Can I take the place of God?” Joseph said in Genesis 50:19.  I can’t. You can’t. We can’t. However, sometimes we take matters into our hands, when we sin. When we put ourselves above Him. When we follow our own motives.  When we go after our own selfish plans. When we ignore His words. When we shun His direction. We can’t be above Him. We can’t take His place. Let God take His place.

With God at His place, it’s not toxic.



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