We Are Israelites

But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and the more they spread abroad. Exodus 1:12

Notice a piece of wood being scrub by a very rough sand paper. The more you scrub the wood, the more it becomes smooth in its surface.

Observe gold as it is engulf in fire. The more you extend its stay in furnace, the more it becomes purified.

Remember the Israelites while being slaves in Egypt. The more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and the more they spread.

The God they followed is the same God we follow.  The God they worshiped is the God we worship. The God who enabled them is the God who enables us. The God who allowed them to multiply and spread is the same God who will do the same thing for us.

The more you are humbled, the more God lifts you up.
The more you lose your life for Him, the more you gain life in Him.
The more you sink into the depths of waters, the more you see Him coming to reach out His hand to you.
The more storms you experience, the more you see His calming presence.
The more you have mouths to feed, the more God will multiply.
The more you are pressured at work, the more you are productive.
The more you are lacking with resources, the more you are satisfied.
The more you are slowed by disease, the more you have life.
The more you are persecuted by friends, the more you are convicted to follow God.

We are wood being scrub with a sand paper. We are gold in the furnace. We are Israelites in Egypt.



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