Imperfect Serving The Perfect

Looking about and seeing no one, he slew the Egyptian and hid him in the sand. Exodus 2:12

He killed an Egyptian.  He sinned against God.

Yet God chose Moses. Moses who donned the tablets which said “Thou shall not kill” at the fifth row. Moses to whom God showed His back. Moses who led His people out of the slavery from Egypt. Moses who encouraged God’s people to depend in God alone as they were in the desert.

I committed sexual sins. I stole money from my father, mother and aunt. I shouted back at my parents. I cheated during examinations. I threw all the green jokes among friends. I sinned against God.

Yet God chose me. Edwin who writes and talks about following God’s ways and submitting to God’s will. Edwin who meets his God face to face everyday in prayer. Edwin who led several renewal movements to a way of life in God. Edwin who continues to encourage his brothers and sisters to depend in God alone in their life’s desert.

Friends, if you think you are too much a sinner to be called by God to work in His vineyard, think again.  You maybe thinking as a sinner you are unworthy to dip your hands into His work. First, all have sinned. Nobody can come up to you and say “You are a hypocrite! A sinner masks as saint!”  Second, you will never be worthy.  No one will ever be worthy in God’s eyes.

We are stained. We have rust. We, the imperfect serve our perfect God.



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