Costly in His Eyes

Too costly in the eyes of the LORD is the death of his faithful. Psalm 116:15

If you want a son, you would want our brother Ely to be your son. He is everything a father would want in a son. That is why when our Kuya Ely died of fatal shooting, it was costly in the eyes of our father. I saw him crying without tears. His eyes were without life during those painful times. My father was truly devastated. He was not his usual self anymore. We have observed him to have dwindled in his passion for life. He stopped attending to our small family business. There was even a point where our other older brother Jun has to expressed to our father what is happening to him and to our family. It was indeed a learning experience for our father and the whole family.

The Lord, too, is devastated when His faithful suffers death.  Maybe a different kind of death.

  • Death in passion for God
  • Death in serving Him alone
  • Death in giving our all to Him
  • Death in living with fellow believers
  • Death in singing worship and praise to God
  • Death in dependence in the Lord
  • Death in finding security in Him
  • Death in having refuge in God

However God will not stop working in our lives. The Lord will not stop in attending to His children. He will make a way for us to get back to our feet.  The Lord will surely provide grace and blessings for us to arise from these “deaths”.  God will not count the cost in raising us up from our grave to bring us back to life in Him.

Costly is your death in His eyes for we are precious in His eyes.



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