Kapamilya Ka Ba?

(Are You Family?)

“For whoever does the will of my heavenly Father is my brother, and sister, and mother.” Matthew 12:50

I learned from one community seminar that when you are getting married to a person, in a way, you are getting married to his or her family.  This makes sense since the person you are marrying embodies the character and culture of his or her family.  In fact, you are embracing the  family’s culture and character when you commit to live your life with your spouse. In the Philippines, your in-laws would say, “Kapamilya ka na, hindi ka na iba sa amin.” (You are part of the family, you are not an outsider.”).  Most of the time, this happens when you learn to embrace and accept their culture. You do things the way they do things. You eat what they eat. You talk their talk.  You sleep where they sleep.  You share the household with them. Your decisions impact your relationship with them. In a practical way, we create a bond or a relationship.

Jesus told us that when we do the will of the Father we are part of the family. Kapamilya tayo. We are not outsiders. Jesus considers us to be in a family-based relationship when we do what the Father asks us to do.  We share a bond with Jesus when we talk the way He talks. We live with Him in a household when we love the way He loves.  We embrace the culture and the way of life of God’s household when we live as Jesus’ brothers and sisters.  When you based your decisions upon the Father’s will you are stating the fact that you are part of the clan. In this God given life of ours, we follow His ways and His will to sustain and nourish our relationship with Jesus.

Friends, my question is obvious. Hopefully, our answer is affirmative.

Kapamilya ka ba?



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