Feeding God’s People With Yourselves

(Jesus) said to them, “There is no need for them to go away; give them some food yourselves.” Mark 14:16

My former pastoral leader did not turn me away……he just came from his board examination review traveling about 100 kilometers. He was tired in mind and body. But I called him saying I needed someone to talk to.  I needed to talk to him about my struggles in loving God.  He saw that I need not to go away. We met and he listened. I told him about my difficulties and challenges. He gave me his ears and full attention.  He may have told me about his experiences but by his mere presence I was fed.  By putting my personal stories into his ears like an earphone, I was filled and blessed.

Jesus told his disciples not to allow the people to go away but to feed them. We as His disciples, continue to provide for God’s people. We give our time. We give our attention. We give our support. We give our words of encouragement. We give our shoulders for them to lean on. We give our hands to care and guide. We give our tired mind and bodies to likewise worn out followers of God.  When we see His people hungry and lacking, we stand up and we give,

Our listening ears to a brother struggling in his weakness.
Our attentive presence to a child.
Our time to fellow followers who need food for the soul.
Our hands to caress the hurt and broken.
Our shoulders for someone who is weak and tired.

We give our lives and we give our time. We feed God’s people with ourselves.

God’s people need not to go away, when we give ourselves away.



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