Though On Fire

There an angel of the LORD appeared to him in fire flaming out of a bush. As he looked on, he was surprised to see that the bush, though on fire, was not consumed. Exodus 3:2

Have you been on fire? I have been.

He was my student. And he was a grandchild of the owner of the university where I teach. I was a rather young faculty at that time. At the start of the semester, I quickly noticed his name in connection to the university’s owner. He was attending my classes but his exam scores where not enough to give him a passing mark.

Days before the giving of class cards, this student approached me regarding his grade in my course subject. He confirmed to me that he is a grandchild of the university’s proprietor.  And then he asked me about his standing in my class. I told him his situation of failing the subject. Suddenly his face changed, he warned me about being fired from my job if he will not pass my class. He told me he can go directly to the Human Resources (HR) and scratched my name from the personnel roster.

But I was firm.  I told him if he is passing, I will put a passing grade for him. If he is not, then he is going to fail. Our discussion ended by him telling me to prepare and pack my things since my days are numbered in their university.

This is my first ever secular job. If I get fired from this one, I thought it won’t look good in my career path. I prayed to God to take control. I prayed to God to be my comfort and refuge. God alone is my stronghold and solace. I wanted to do what is right and fair.  And in my heart, I know God is in direct hand on these matters, for God will not abandon His faithful. I realized if they fire me for doing what is right, then I am working at the wrong place.

I failed the student. He went to the HR and asked the office to fire me. One employee in that office quickly disproved his plea, saying even if he is a descendant of the owner, the school does not do that without due process.  And I taught in that university for about ten years, combining full-time and part-time capacity.

Though on fire, the bush was not consumed. For God is present.

Though on fire, I was not consumed. For God is with me.



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