Melt Like Wax

The mountains melt like wax before the LORD, before the Lord of all the earth. Psalm 97:5

Candles are from melted wax. I found this website where in it teaches how to make candles from wax. Several principles apply to wax melting. First, the pot where the wax will go should be clean. Second, break the wax block into pieces so it can melt faster. A double boiler is used to heat the wax, the bigger outer boiler will have water and the smaller inner boiler will have the wax and the inner boiler must have no water. Set the heat on high and stir frequently as the wax gets heated. Pour the melted wax in a container and shape as candle. Always have a fire extinguisher within your reach in case wax gets caught with fire. Then you have a candle.

Before God, we melt like wax. We come to Him in our filth and sin, we boast not of our own cleanliness unlike the clean pot where the wax would go. We come to Him broken, same as the wax block broken into pieces, and as He melts us we become whole. God melts us inside and out, as melting happens we are changed inside and out as with the double boiler.  When we come to Him, whether we are set high or set on our lows, He melts us likewise. We need to be stirred frequently with Him as we melt before Him as with the stirring of heated wax. Pour your all for God as He will pour all His grace and shape us according to His likeness as with the pouring of melted wax and shaping of the candle. With God melting us like wax, fire extinguishers are a no-no, it’s better to be on fire with God. Then you are a candle for God.

No mountain can withstand God. Mountains melt like wax before Him. If you are one, come to Him and melt like wax.

And become His candle. Burn for Him. Shine for Him.



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