God Comes Back

but the angel of the LORD came back a second time… 1 Kings 19:7

As a little boy who assists priests during mass and setting up church for activities, these days filled my elementary years. There were days I have to serve in the church service and walk a good long distance from the church to attend school carrying my backpack full of books. At the church, we were taught not only to serve God but to have an understanding of loving and living for God. I thought I was having a good time with the Lord serving in church. Until, a misunderstanding with a fellow altar boy stopped me from serving God.

I wandered from the Lord and from His ways in my high school years. I had no ways of sustaining my relationship with Him. During these times, I was a nominal church attendee. I go to church but had no relationship with Him. This went through my college years.

But God came back even if I was the one who went away. In my senior year in college, I was invited by a friend to a Christian seminar which turned the tide of my life by the grace of God. I was touched again by Him. I was alive again in Him. Once more, God’s light shone in my darkness. God’s love experienced in my brokenness. God came back to me, to give me a new lease of His life and His Spirit.

Have you wandered away from God? Is there a distance between you and God? Our God is gracious and loving. God takes the steps towards us despite it was us who strayed from Him. He knocks at the doors of our hearts when we close them for Him. He looks for us when we stow away from His home. God comes back.



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