Denial Kings and Queens

Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself…. Matthew 16:24

In Philippine show business, actors and actresses deny their steady relationships with someone to maintain their availability for any love team combination. They would sometimes deny having a child as they were presented as non-married.  They would even deny having marital status to regain or retain their popularity among the fans who dream to having relationship with them. They would deny they said this or they said that. They would deny they have been to that place or not. In order for them to keep their high popularity or status in the business, they would keep on denying. That’s why they call them Denial Kings and Queens.

Jesus calls us to keep denying. Not to deny the truth but to deny ourselves. To forget ourselves and live for Him. To reject the world and receive Christ. We must keep on denying taking our own cross….

  • Deny wearing signature clothes, and give to clothe the naked.
  • Deny eating lunch at that classy restaurant, and give to feed the hungry.
  • Deny having an entertainment system in your home, and give to shelter the homeless.
  • Deny expressing burst of temper, and give your understanding.
  • Deny having time for yourself, and have time for your family and friends.
  • Deny knowing everything, and learn from God and others.
  • Deny throwing bad judgments to others, and give people space to grow in God.
  • Deny being righteous, and ask God for forgiveness.
  • Deny you can do it all, and ask Jesus for grace and strength.

To take that cross daily. To follow Christ zealously. To love God with our all.
You and I must be Denial Kings and Queens.



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