No Fear

They shall not fear an ill report; their hearts are steadfast, trusting the LORD. Psalm 112:7

For about a couple of days, I was feeling that my gums were swollen. Every time I was brushing my teeth, blood comes out.  I felt I had infection in my gums since I had this hurting sensation in my gums each time I flex my mouth after eating or brushing.  I was wondering where in the world this sickness came from and where it is going to. I was brushing my teeth after each meal. I was flossing once a day. I have a regular mouthwash session each night. I decided to call our dentist for an appointment.

At the dental clinic, the doctor said he needed to do more tests on my gums. And if he would find that I have Periodontitis, he has to do gum scaling. Overall, the clinic told me it might cost me around $1000 which is not covered by my health insurance.

As I was driving home, I was in a way was shocked. I am taking care of myself and this one happens. While we have some savings but the cost of covering for the treatment will give us an uphill climb to recover. Since my wife brought our kids their martial arts session, I was all alone at home and had my time to go to God on this. I was telling God, “Lord, I have not preached or give a talk for sometime but here I am getting this problem in my mouth.” Deep in my heart, I sensed God’s direction to trust in Him. God was enlightening me to put my faith in Him and be steadfast.

After my prayer, I read about this Periodontitis disease over the internet and found its signs and symptoms. I realized I might not have the disease. I said I might have an infection in my gums but it’s not going to be Periodontitis. I called our friend doctor if he can give me prescription for antibiotics. He asked me what is my situation and upon assessing my condition, he prescribed the medicine. After taking the antibiotics for three days, the swelling in my gums have subsided. The blood stopped flowing each time I brush my teeth. I can flex my mouth without the same uncomfortable feeling in my gums.  I received an ill report but God is faithful to those who trust Him and are steadfast in following Him. I am healed!

Did you receive an ill report today or in the past days or past months? An ill report like, your doctor told you one of your loved ones have this kind of ailment. Or your job is about to be cut. Or your spouse working abroad is having hard time adjusting. Or your scholarship is about to get slashed. Or your home loan application is disapproved. Or your pregnancy is ectopic.

Have no fear on this ill report. Put your trust in the Lord. Be steadfast in holding on to Him.



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  1. ginger

    no fear…
    no fear…

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