Come Hungry

The hungry he has filled with good things; the rich he has sent away empty. Luke 1:53

My daughter Praise is book hungry. She reads everything she finds. From waking up to resting at night she will take books to read. When she is at school, she reads. When she is at home, she reads. At the bathroom, she reads. At the food table, she reads. She would lie down on the floor and reads books after another. When going out with her, she would tell me to bring her to Borders or Barnes and Nobles where she would read again. And most of the time, she would tell us facts we never know of.  She would explain things because she read them. She would extract thoughts from what she has read. Such is her hunger. Such is her desire. She is satisfied because she has the hunger. She is filled because she hungry.

How I hope I am like that before God. Have hunger for His presence. Have desire to serve Him more. Have craving for His word.  Have appetite for His pleasure. Have yearning for His guidance. When I awake I think of Him. When I rest at night, I am in awe of Him. Wherever I am, I seek Him. Whatever the situation I am in, I delight in Him.

And hopefully, I will not come and be sent away empty. Why? Maybe because I am already loaded that I have no place for Him in my life. Maybe because my heart is already filled up that I have no space for Him. Maybe because my schedule is already fully booked that I have no time for Him.

Come to Him hungry. And you will be filled.



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