The Deliverer

They will fight against you, but not prevail over you, for I am with you to deliver you, says the LORD. Jeremiah 1:19

From our house to our store. I carry those rolls or pack of textiles which my father or older brother pinpointed. I carried them on my shoulders. I climb up cemented stairs and pass by a railway.  With people standing and sitting on my way, I walk in a maze like streets. Through busy streets towards the market, I carry the loads in front of tall houses and buildings. As I step into the market area, I have to go around vendors and their merchandise on the street. And at this time, my shoulders feel the load getting heavier. However, I have to make sure this goods will make it to their destination. I started and must complete the delivery.  As I step into our store, I delivered.

From glory to glory. God is our deliverer. He carries us. He carries our burdens. He goes with us to deliver us. He climbs up and walks down in our highs and lows of life. He delivers us allows us to overcome hurdles and obstacles in life. From problem to problem, God carries the load for us. No matter how tall is the order of the day, God delivers us from unholiness.  God makes a way in a dead end spot. He finds way and solves the maze puzzle of concerns to deliver us from our worries.  God sees our trials as stepping stones to deliver us. He sees every fence in our path as way to see what is ahead. He continuously walk straight to deliver us to our purpose and destination.  He is our interested author and our strong finisher in the delivery of life. He will deliver, He delivers and He delivered.

From our personal problems, our family concerns, our financial lack, our health issues, our wrecked relationships, our marital wars, our weaknesses, our disappointments and discouragements, our baggage of our past….anything which go against us, God will deliver us. He is with us to deliver us. God alone is our deliverer.



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