……”Let the children come to me; do not prevent them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

She is special because she is the youngest. We were there when she was born. We saw her grow and glow. As older siblings, we took turns in taking care of her. We put her in the stool when its time to eat. We gathered around to teach her how to walk. We looked after her as she made her first step in school. Before our eyes, we witness how she grows and make a mark of her own. But still, we ask her where she has been or where she is going. We inquire whom she is with. We continue to protect her. We admonish her if needed. We still gather around her teach her how to walk in life. We still look after her good in times of good or bad. We do not spoil her nor boxed her, but we love her. Her face is our face. Her name is our name. Her heart is our heart. She is our bunso.

Don’t you feel like bunso before Jesus? We are special in His eyes. He never gets tired of taking care of us. He brings us to the table of feast. He teaches us how to walk in faith. He looks after us for each step after another in this hard pressed life. Before His eyes, our growth in loving and following Him is the main purpose. He gives us grace to make a mark for Him. He uses where we have been to carry us to where we are going. He warns us that bad company corrupts our character. He admonishes us. He is there consistently for us in good and bad times. He does not spoil us yet He loves us unconditionally. He makes way for us to come to Him. He protects our way toward Him. We are created in His image and likeness. Our face is His face. Our name is His name. Our heart is His heart. We are His bunso.

P.S. For my non-Filipino readers, if there is any (LOL), “Bunso” is a Filipino word for the youngest child in the family.




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3 responses to “Bunso

  1. Lala Cano

    nice one.. 🙂 thank you dwen 🙂 mwah!

  2. Emil

    aaaaaawwwwwwwww…………. i used to be the bunso till there was you Lulay! Wab yuh much!

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