Just Like The Weather

And all spoke highly of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his mouth. They also asked, “Isn’t this the son of Joseph?” Luke 4:22

I really thought I have seen it all. Back in the Philippines, the weather bureau will declare a rainy day then the sun will shine brightly. Many times, storm will hit our place but afterward, the burning heat of the sun is felt. Classes are suspended because of a typhoon however at the last minute; the typhoon suspends its visit, too. Here in New York, you will be swept away on how fast the weather can change. It rains cats and dogs but afterward people are coming out of their houses to enjoy the sun. It feels pretty chilly in one hour yet scorching temperature the next hour. I bet that is the reason why they call it weather forecast since it can not be predicted accurately. Weather can change at once without notice.

And we are just like the weather. One minute, we spoke highly of God and are amazed of who He is. In the next moment, we question His nature. We worship Him later we doubt Him. We give Him our lives in a while we withdraw. We receive help from Him shortly we forget Him. We follow Him radically, and then suddenly, we take a U-turn. Most of the time, our faith can not be forecasted. Sometimes our commitment to Him is unpredictable. We quickly change our minds. We swiftly alter our stand. We quickly repaint our hearts.

Our God is constant, He never change. He loved us, He loves us, He will love us. And His love is all the same. Not just like the weather.

May we be constant in following Him. May we be predictable in loving Him. May we be unchanging in our devotion for Him. May we be not just like the weather.



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