Above All Else

…….that in all things he himself might be preeminent. Colossians 1:18

We were expecting the same stage. We conceptualized the choreography and conducted dance practices thinking we will be using the same spot. At the very day of the presentation, the venue was transferred to a skating rink in a mall. The new stage was entirely different with the one we got used to. It was small and narrow. We have about thirty dancers who can’t fit in the new platform. We gathered, prayed and thought about how we can be flexible regarding the change of stage upon dancing in the tune of the song “Above All Else”. I thought this is where we will show God that He alone is above all else. This is the situation where we are challenged to prove God is above all else. No change of venue will change that. No matter how narrow or how short is the stage. No shattered expectations will alter that. At the end of the dance number, the presentation was unexpectedly done in the best way, more than we imagined and hoped for.

Has your venue changed recently? You migrated from one country to another. You transferred from one state to another. Your state of life has changed. Your lifestyle is entirely different compared last year. You jumped to college from high school. Someone might have left your family or circle or friendship. Your wallet has more space than before. Your patience is narrow and short lately. You planned and expected this way but another way showed up.  You practice your life’s choreography yet a change of venue happened.

This is your best opportunity, my friend! Jesus is preeminent in all things, Paul wrote. Meaning before all things, Jesus is most excellent, top, supreme, greatest, and unsurpassed. Above all else, Jesus is at the top. Our Lord is supreme and unsurpassed before all things. Don’t allow your change of venue change that. Prove your faith is unchanging in your altered situation. Be steadfast in your loyalty despite unexpected turn of events.

Things change. Places change. Situations change. Put Jesus above all else.



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