Dip Deep

After he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch.”  Luke 5:4

When we went to York, Maine for our family vacation, I decided to dip into the beach. If you know the beach in Maine, probably you are smiling now. You are thinking, “Can you handle that freezing ocean water?”. Well, I did. But not for long.  I tried to immerse myself thinking the cold feeling will subside yet my bones felt the chill. Then I said, I can make myself warm in the hotel’s spa pool.  But as I got my feet into the spa, I quickly stood out up. I can not take to dip in what it seemed to be like the hot springs in Coron, Palawan, Philippines.  My last resort was to swim in the heated pool where the water temperature was more like it. In  this pool, I did my swimming strokes, I dove and I played with my girls all because I was comfortable.

Whoa! I’m very sure you can relate with this!

We go deep with God only when it is comfortable. We tend to quit on Him when heat takes its place in our lives. When it seems God has a cold heart on our petitions we are on our way to the exit door. We follow Him only when it is in season but not during out of season. When our tired souls experience the situation of “I’ve had have enough.”, we doubt His direction to go deeper. When work or family problems surmount, we pull out from His well. When our cash are not cold, we jump out of His pool.  Our direction is to stay with Him, hot or cold or comfortable. Dip deep even when your logic tells you to not to.

Peter might have tried everything he knew about fishing that night yet caught nothing. But when he dipped deep, his nets almost wrecked. Have you tried everything but have nothing? Follow Jesus and dip deep.



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