All Things Well

“He has done all things well…..” Mark 7:37

“What does the future look like?”, she asked.

I was walking with Bless, my younger daughter, when she inquired on that highly touted question. I guess she has that question lingering in her mind since we discuss in our family our options in life. I told her future is good if you do good in your present.  Telling her that if she studies well, her future looks bright. If I work well, the future will work well for me, I added.

And as we walk further, she started to sing “Amazing Grace”.  And then I realized, God’s grace working in us.

I had to append my answer back to Bless’ question. I told her God will take care of the future and as well as the present, it’s not about what we did or have done. It’s all about what God has done, is doing and will do. There is assurance all things in the future will go well, for He has done all things well. No bad event. No situation worth taking back. No day His grace has gone down. No part of history He will erase. No part of your life He will regret. No part of your childhood He will rewrite. No part of our books He will revise. No part of His masterpiece He will repaint. God has done all things well.

He has done all things well.  No mention of what we have done in the equation- He has done. No exception to the His rule – All things. No compromising His standard, His track record always says – Well.

Believe. Look forward. Continue walking with Him. Let’s get excited about the future!



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