From the First Until the Last

The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. Mathew 1:1

I was in the brink of shedding some tears as I let them go.  This is the first day of their new grade levels, Praise and Bless. Praise just entered her fifth grade class and Bless came in into her second grade class. I was having this first day jitters in me. They are about to climb yet another mountain. They about to jump over yet another hurdle. They are about to embark into new challenges. They are about to enter into new lessons and new insights. Maybe meet new friends and definitely have new teachers. I was thinking how my daughters will fare in this new phase of their lives.

The genealogy of Jesus assures us of God as a promise keeper. It gives us the guarantee of God’s faithfulness from generations to generations. Our God looks after His people from one level to the next.  He takes care of our ancient roots up to our future shoots. Centuries after centuries, God provides for His people. Decades by decades, God continues to walk with His people. Year by year, God is faithful and protects.

God took care of us when we were in our childhood. God protected us when we were in our teen years. He was faithful during our going to mature years. And He will do the same to our children. He will make sure they will overcome those mountains through His grace. He will give them the strength to hurdle each obstacle. His love, promise and faithfulness endure from generations to generations. Just like what God did with Jesus’ roots. Just like what God did with us. From the first until the last.



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