Who is your Jesus?

He ordered them not to tell anyone……… Mark 7:36

His sermon made sense. The priest was explaining why Jesus commanded the people not to tell anyone. After Jesus made the man speak, He told them not to speak about it. The priest said the reason behind was that people perceived Jesus just to be another miracle worker. People believed Jesus was just one of the many who worked magic. I once watched a bible-based children’s cartoon with my daughters which depicted the same situation. The father of the boy who had demon in him was getting tired of various miracle workers who were looking at his son but to no avail. When he heard of Jesus’ disciples working miracles in their town, he was reluctant to try them out. He went to the disciples anyway after his wife’s prodding. When the disciples were not victorious in his son, he was more discouraged and very disappointed for his son’s condition.

Jesus is a miracle worker. Jesus is a healer. However, He is beyond that. He is more than that. Jesus is our Savior. Jesus is our Lord and God. With Jesus as our savior, He will not disappoint for He died on the cross for our sins. With Jesus as our Lord and God, we will not be discouraged for He is always in control and He makes all things work for good for those who love Him.

Is Jesus just a miracle worker for you? Does He stands around and when you need some big time miracle you come to Him? Are you discouraged or disappointed when He does not make miracles happen in your life?

Who is your Jesus? Please tell anyone.



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One response to “Who is your Jesus?

  1. Ate JosieM

    Beautiful reflection Edwin.

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